Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Alberto Oviedo

Website: http://albertooviedo.com/portraits/mv4nmo1a199ytdgehisg4iss8q0nm3

Alberto Oviedo is a a photograper that tries to bring the viewers into a familar place so that they have a closer relationship with the photos. He does a wide range of photos such as portraits, beauty and his own personal photography. The first image I have here is an image of music artist Andre 3000. I find this photo to be interesting because he has and interesting expression and pose while being placed in a familar motel-esque scenario. I think the photo is a real interesting since this is a wealthy person placed in what looks like a motel room. The next photo I have is a close shot of a women. I love her expression and the retouching done to the photo is amazingly flawless. The light used and the colors of the makeup really stand out. My last photo I want to share is diptych of two soccer fans/players crying. they are intersting because of the light and the emotion that is on their faces. It makes me wonder if they are really crying or simulated crying. If they are really crying I wonder what they are thinking about that would bring forth such emotion.

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